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 Dog Tired

Of Being Too Cold?

Here are some things to check when your furnace doesn’t seem to be heating or working correctly:

Is your system blowing cold air?

Is the thermostat not working? Make sure to try to change the batteries in  the thermostat

Is the Furnace making a loud noise?

Will the Pilot light not stay lit? It may need to be cleaned and you’ll probably need maintenance performed.

“It is highly recommended that you have your furnace cleaned and checked every year. The older the furnace, the more important this service is. Newer gas furnaces are equipped with many features that shut the furnace off when a problem is detected. Older furnaces have no such devices. Over time, furnaces can develop small cracks in the combustion chamber. These cracks may not be visible to the naked eye. It is through these cracks that carbon monoxide can leak into your home.”

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Your Residential Heating Specialists

Let's face it, Louisville's weather is constantly changing. There's a reason we say “If you don't like the the weather in Louisville, just give a little time, it'll change.” In a 24-hour period. the temperature can go from 20 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This erratic change in temperatures can reign fire and brimstone on your HVAC system.


Furnace (Install/Replacement) 

Convection Heating & Air LLC proudly provides furnace installation and replacements in Louisville and surrounding areas. We offer top makes and models from industry-leading brands based on your budget and your home's needs to deliver the best results.

Furnace Maintenance 

Proper furnace maintenance will help prolong the life of your furnace and will save you money in the long run.

Furnace maintenance includes (but not limited to):

• Check all gas (or oil) connections, burner combustion, gas pressure & heat exchange

• Lubrication of all moving parts

• Tightening of all electrical connections & measuring of the motors’ voltage/current

• Inspecting the condensate drain and/or heat pump

• Inspect/correct controls of the system to ensure the furnace is running properly and safely 

Call today to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment today!

HVAC Diagnostics 

Our diagnostic test includes: 

We'll check thermostat setting to ensure your HVAC system keeps you comfortable and saves you money while you're away from home.

Preventative Services/Contract 

An inefficient heating system can lead to significantly higher energy bill during during the winter months. By signing up for our annual preventative services contract, you'll be saving on energy, avoiding repairs and you'll be extending the life of your furnace. Call today for our preventative service maintenance plan today.


Biannual HVAC inspections are meant boost your system’s efficiency by identify potential trouble areas and resolving the issue. Call today for your ease of mind.

And More!

Call or contact us today for any HVAC concerns.

Convection Heating & Air : Always Regularly Change Out Your Furnace Filters!

Set yourself a reminder on your smart phone or stick a note on the refrigerator to change out your furnace filters every 30 days.

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