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Thermostat Services

Are you ready to upgrade to a “Smart Thermostat”?

As a society, we are becoming more dependent on our home's wifi. Many of our residential devices are now connected to our wifi – phones, TVs, home entertainment centers, doorbells, lightbulbs and even our refrigerators. Our home HVAC systems are no different. Installing a smart thermostat may seem like an easy DIY project – more times than often it can become a nightmare to the homeowner. The truth is, there are as many different types of thermostats as there are on HVAC systems. Not to mention, your new thermostat many not wire back up the exact as your old thermostat or it may even require new wiring to be done.

We work with many thermostat brands and models.


Whether you are looking to upgrade to a Smart Thermostat or need to have your current thermostat replaced with a conventional model, let Convection Heating & Air come out to provide you a professional assessment of your thermostat needs.

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